All about my bunny: Thumper

Hello Bunny Friends,

Thumper is the very first bunny that I have owned since I was a child. He is a black Holland Lop bunny, and I got him last summer (2021). I was in desperate need of owning my own bunny- one of which that I did not need to share with my crazy brothers. I guess if I would have gone to the doctor, they would have probably diagnosed me with “bunny fever.”

Anyways, back to the only thing that matters- Thumper Silas Cunningham- ooh yes he has a middle and last name as well! Poor Thumper needed to be rehomed and I contacted his owner at the time, who conveniently lived roughly an hour away.

I had to get consent from my landlord, so it was a bit of a lengthy process, but after a month of getting to know Thumper over messaging on Facebook and learning his lifestyle, I finally got to adopt him. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the very first day owning him:

My baby<3

And here are pictures of him when he was getting used to his new home and getting used to me, which by the way my name is Whitney, hello nice to meet you! If you want to know more about me check out the about me page.

He is saying hello!

Isn’t he just ADORABLE?! Now, do you see why I had this infectious bunny fever? Or maybe that is what brought you here…..

Back to the star, Thumper. He was shedding a ton when I got him, which at first I thought it was because he was just stressed and pulling his hair out but I soon realized he was molting.

He is different than most bunnies out there, he does not like Timothy Hay. Instead, he prefers Alfalfa Hay. So when I buy him treats I make sure that they are Alfalfa-based otherwise he might think of it as a punishment.

He thankfully is not a picky eater other than that, and he is not allergic to anything either. Which makes my life easier. His favorite treat is green grapes, just like his momma.

One thing that is a good reminder for those looking for a bunny is that they poop a LOT like a lot a lot! I recently started cleaning his bathroom out every day if able or every other day. I also use glade freshers.

He loves to go on walks around the apartment with me- at HIS pace, sometimes checking out the same plant over and over again then he will race me to the finish line. And every now and then when I am lucky he will do a binky!

Here you can see him molting.

He does live in a cage, which future bunnies parents, I believe that this is perfectly okay, as long as you have daily (multiple) interactions with him or her. Bunnies, much like humans, need friendship and HATE being alone, even if they are introverted like Thumper is. But when I am home which is more than not, he roams freely around the apartment.

When roaming the apartment he LOVES running up and down the stairs and it is hilarious. At first, he was scared of them (probably of falling), but I showed him that stairs can be fun (with treats).

When I first got him I thought he was just shy but after a while, I realized it’s just who he is. Bunnies typically do not like too much attention as they are prey animals, but other bunnies I have had in the past were a lot more open and seemed less intimidated by me.

He is done molting now and is a full beautiful completely black Holland Lop Bunny! There are many different breeds of bunnies, but I absolutely love lop bunnies (ears facing downwards). Which do you prefer, comment down below! I love to reply, and feel to ask questions I am not an expert but I do know my fair share about these beautiful bunnies.

Also, I prefer the word bunny over rabbit. Personally, I feel that rabbit doesn’t show a sign of a relationship, but rather ones that are wild and have no human love in their life. The word bunny sounds enduring. Just think about it Easter Bunny or Easter Rabbit….. see my point?

I am still learning lots about Thumper, keep in touch with my blog and I will have “Bunny Updates” (and so much more) as often as new things in his life occur. For now, Thumper and I need to hop along. See ya later!

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    • Thanks, and to answer your question you cannot force a pet to like something especially if they do not like it. But you can let them try a bit first to make sure they are not allergic and to see if they like it. I should warn you though, dogs CANNOT have grapes (either red or green)!!!! But for bunnies, you can mix it in their bowl of hay or pellets. Hope this helps:)


    • Hello! I bought this website from the original owners, and as of right now I am just going to write all about Thumper my baby and everything people should know about bunnies. However, I love this idea of getting together and having people interact with bunnies. I will be considering this and get back to you in the future if plans arise.



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